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Problem statement

The local grassroots football scene within Gravesham and surrounding boroughs is drastically decreasing. In 2014 we started a project called Back to Football, working with men in Gravesham to get active again, using football as the main driver. This in turn lead to the creation of FC Grand in the Rochester District League in 2015. We entered a league with over 70 clubs, which has now decreased to just 47 clubs in 2021. With the COVID lockdown we decided to help increase numbers buy starting another side, which entered the North Kent Sunday League, another league being hit by teams folding. We are looking to increase the dwindling numbers of grassroots football and sports in general.


We will host another round of Back to Football in the area, this will be our 3rd such programme, 2014 lead to the initial creation of the club & 2020 post lockdown lead to the creation of our Sunday squad. We will look to work with mainly young people who have had their youth sides fold or have aged out of youth football. These sessions we will look to run once weekly, then once into the off season we would have 2 sessions a week. These will be run in house with our own coaches who have been involved with the club since 2014. The money will be spent on equipment, any league fees, training venue fees, insurances and affiliations.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have had success in the past running these projects and the club was founded in this exact manner. With the make up of the community the diversity of the club is a massive bonus and will help engage communities. We have the knowledge within the team and club on what is required in delivering and retaining members within the club. We also have good links with local Youth Workers with our Club Secretary being one of them. So we have direct links to young people within schools and the various projects delivered in Gravesham. We also have a very good reputation locally with players past and present and links to local businesses who sponsor the club and will promote the work we are doing.

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