New Oars


Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

We need to grow our club membership and get more local people of all ages & genders out on to the water. Rowing is a fantastic activity that improves health & wellbeing. It also enables people to meet others & develop teamwork skills. Gig rowing also ensures that a tradition is kept alive. As a club, we want to be all inclusive so try to keep our membership fee low. This though, doesn't leave much money to enable us to purchase new equipment, and, unfortunately, equipment isn't cheap. To get more people out on the water, (we currently have 50 people on our waiting list), we need to purchase a new set of oars and these cost around £3000.


The goal of the project is to be able to purchase a new set of oars. These ideally need to be light weight as the majority of our members are women, plus we have quite a few mature members, and they can struggle with our heavier oars. We are about to run a 'Newbie' taster course to give people on our weighting list to join the club, a go at rowing and hopefully, many of these will go on to become full members. This would significantly increase the size of our club, but put an increased demand on our current equipment. A new set of oars would reduce this demand and ensure we can get as many people out on the water as possible, keeping this traditional activity alive in Brixham.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We are a club that is looking to grow, that is ran by a committee of enthusiastic volunteer members. We have come along way since the club started and our boats are a common sight out on the water and we have incredible support from the local community. Gig rowing is a fast growing sport and we also row competitively in regattas around the South West, through which we have gained positive publicity. All this has led to us currently having around 50 people on a waiting list of persons looking to join. With a new set of oars we know we can grow our club, and get as many local people out on the water as possible.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

New set of lightweight wooden oars£3,000


150 people

Expected impact

The impact of this project will be large. Firstly, with a new set of oars our club will be able to grow our membership significantly, (hopefully by at least 30%), ensuring the long term continuation of our presence in Brixham, and allow us to get as many local people out on to the water as possible. Rowing requires a great deal of fitness which means it has massive benefits both physically & for ones wellbeing. It also enables people to build on their coordination & teamwork skills. Our club also enters race crews, of all age and gender groups, in regattas all across the South West and we can see clear signs that we are becoming more competitive. With a larger membership we hope to be able to be even more competitive in the future.

Track record

We are a community based club that is ran by volunteers for the benefit of its members. Since 2011, we have gone from strength to strength, and with the help of supporters, have grown the club to a level where we are recognised as an integral part of the local community. We currently have a Boat Shed, built by club members, and own 3 training and 2 wooden racing boats. We regularly raise funds for charities and take part in community events. The Cornish Pilot Gig Association, the sports governing body, has recognised that we are a club that is growing and permitted us to host their annual Veterans Championships twice, and, due to its success, we are hopeful of hosting it in 2022. We are also a club whose activities have received favourable local publicity. Our Gig boats are out on the water all year round, in all but the worst weather, and are a welcome sight for locals & visitors alike.

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