Sports Therapy Programme

Funding required£2,087.6
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

Headway Portsmouth and South East Hants wants to offer far more in terms of social, mental and cognitive rehabilitation for people with brain injury and we have set out a structured timetable of educational, social skills and self-esteem building programmes that we have identified through assessments, as a need for our service users and their carer’s and family members. Through assessments and consultations with service users, and with advice from occupational and physiotherapists we have identified the benefit of providing sports therapy as part of our structured mental and physical wellbeing and social development programme to assist brain injured people with their rehabilitation.


It is anticipated a group of new service users would attend a one hour weekly structured gym session for 3 months in Portsmouth and a seated chair exercise session to be set up in our Outreach Programme in Gosport. We hope that through the provision of this activity, our service users will discover positive ways to engage in leisure and sport activities and support them in expressing themselves and find new ways of venting their frustrations and anxieties whilst developing improved strategies to deal more effectively with their limitations and help prepare them for reintegration into the community.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have provided brain injury training, information and advice, cognitive, physical, financial and well being support and signposting for over 30 years. We have a proven track record in the provision of support with a focus on individuals needs. Changes we brought to our service immediately following COVID-19 emergency lockdown have been extremely successful showing our ability to adapt to need and crisis and new technology.Our Service Manager is a skilled brain injury specialist and a sports coach, who will monitor delivery of this project to support every individual accessing. Our sessional support workers are responsible for supporting the delivery

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Support Worker Delivery time @£12.87 an hr at Portsmouth & Gosport 2 x £12.87£308.88
Support Worker prep & admin time @£12.87 an hr 2 x £12.87£308.88
Service Manager Mentor and Line Management Support 2 x £10 an hr£240
Portsmouth Gym Referral Fitness Instructors @£20 an hr x 2£480
Gosport Fitness Instructor for seated chair exercises £25 an hr£300
Equipment for seated chair exercises - dumbbells, resistance bands and dumbbell rack£449.84


25 people

Expected impact

We aim to support over 25 service users to discover positive ways to engage in gym activities for health and assist them in finding new ways of venting frustration and anxiety, whilst developing improved strategies and skills to deal more effectively with their limitations. We invite feedback on our service provision from our service users, carers and family members and from medical professionals including occupational and physio therapists, neurologists and neuropsychologists We also use our Referral, Assessment, Monitoring and Review process (RAMP) to define the baseline for each person accessing our service. This process enables us to monitor progress and record improvement against each area of recognised need. Our feedback process allows us to provide structured evidence on the value of the outreach project. RAMP will allow us to gather feedback to ensure positive changes and better ways of working and that we provide the appropriate support for each individual.

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