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Hot food and a warm welcome for asylum seekers and refugees in Islington this winter


Funding required£3,000.00

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Problem statement

In the UK asylum seekers are banned from working and must get by on £5.66 per day. 76% of all people seeking asylum wait longer than six months for a decision about whether they can stay in the UK, many wait much longer. While people wait, they are in limbo: they can’t work, they struggle to buy food, most speak little English, they lack social networks and live very isolated lives. Many of the people we work with are also coming to terms with human rights abuses experienced in their country of origin. Asylum seekers desperately need compassion, a warm welcome and the chance to feel human again. They also need hot food, free toiletries, warm winter coats and food they can take away.


Our goal is to open our Centre in Islington every Wednesday throughout the winter and offer 20 - 30 people each week: - Hot food - Toiletries - Donations eg food and coats - An advice service for often urgent issues eg. finding somewhere to sleep, needing a GP, needing a solicitor. We ask for funding of £3000. - Hot food for 25 people every week for 3 months: £1200 - Contribution to Receptionist and Referral Worker's salary: £800 - Contribution to Support Service Coordinator’s salary, to offer advice and referrals to other organizations: £1000 The impact will be that each week 25-30 asylum seekers and refugees will have a warm welcome, have hot food and access to expert advice.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have been working with refugees and asylum seekers in London for 24 years. Our staff have a deep understanding of the issues people face, our Chief Executive has been with us for 21 years and has worked with more than 100 refugees each year. We have a strong reputation in the refugee community as an organization which can be trusted. The people who come to us usually come by word of mouth, they have experienced trauma and are often wary of seeking help, in many cases we are the only service reaching them. We have strong connections with many partners including funders, both high profile and local, and excellent links in the community in Islington.

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