Bridgend Eco-Bothy Build


Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

Bridgend Farmhouse is based in South-East Edinburgh. 20 of the data-zones in our area of benefit are within the 20% most deprived communities in Scotland. We carried out a piece of community action research with 398 households during the pandemic in these areas. We know through this that mental health, more access to outdoor activities & social isolation are the biggest issues in our community. A key theme emerging from previous consultation was around training needs, which is particularly important to people with no qualifications, estimated as 28% of residents in our area of benefit. Health inequalities are also high in our area, with a need for local social proscribing opportunities


We would offer a series of sustainable construction weekend training workshops, such as joinery, landscaping, clay rendering, and natural play building for trainees to gain experience, skills, and improved confidence, social networks and positive mental and physical health. The Bothy will provide a venue for the Trees & Seas Outdoor Adventures primary school aged group, and the Very Important People Club for children aged 0-5 with additional support needs, as well as for other community purposes. At 27sqm, the environmentally friendly Bothy will use reused, recycled, natural and locally sourced materials as much as possible. It will be a fully wheelchair accessible community resource

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We are an award winning Community Benefit Society with charitable status that formed in 2011, and in 2015 the community successfully campaigned to take ownership of the land in one of the first urban asset transfers in Scotland. Since then, through voluntary action hundreds of volunteers renovated the old farmhouse into a thriving community hub. The Eco-Bothy Build itself has also won the Voluntary Arts Scotland Epic Award 2020, and was highly commended for the Voluntary arts diversity award. Our track record in delivering a community hub renovation and previous Bothy training sessions shows we have the experience, energy, and interest to deliver this eco-bothy build and training programme.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Bothy Build Training Specialist for weekend workshops at £150 per day including VAT and expenses, for 20 days in total£3,000


30 people

Expected impact

We anticipate 30 trainees to benefit from the training this funding would enable, who will gain experience, skills, and improved confidence, social networks and positive mental and physical health and well-being, as well as creating new unique facility that can be used for many years by all in the community to connect more closely with nature. Once completed, the Bothy and play area will be used for outdoor play for local families, environmental and outdoor education, community arts performances, youth work and weekend workshops. We anticipate over 200 children and young people, and over 100 adults, per year, benefiting from the Bothy and play area. The Bothy and play area will; Increase opportunities and engagement with the outdoors and outdoor/environmental learning for young people with disadvantages and disabilities; and reduce isolation amongst young people and their families through building connections, cultural experiences, and social activities in the Bothy.

Track record

Bridgend Farmhouse has won various awards, including the Voluntary Arts Scotland Epic Award 2020, and commendations in the SCVO Celebrating Communities and SURF community regeneration awards. Over 30 volunteers have gained qualifications including REHIS Health & Safety, SQA's and Adult Achievement Awards. A note from our local councillor Maureen Child; The project is an exemplar for the community empowerment and has really come into its own during the pandemic, finding many ways directly to support local people, especially the most vulnerable, during lockdown and continuing their life-enhancing activities in new ways. Bridgend connects people in reality and through social media. They have transformed a completely derelict building into a very vibrant community resource. They touched and transformed the lives of hundreds of people indirectly through their various volunteering opportunites and directly through the service they provide to our communities. I cannot praise them enough

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