A Healing Project


Funding required£4,000
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Staff fee£2,400
Cinema Venue Hire£300
Course Catering£300
Venue Hire£800


50 people

Expected impact

We expect our impact to inspire up to 12 young people & a live audience of 40 people to deepen their sense of belonging and connection to the natural lived environment through water connection activities & a digital visual film course. Focussing on water, we will craft a collaborative script informed by autobiographical writing exercises. Together, we'll make fun, meaningful & engaging content led by participants through our participatory process. Participants can enjoy a sense of achievement and pride in their work. We will also assemble a diverse group of citizens to watch their movie, and celebrate the work of JEDI nature champions at a local cinema. Participants will feel more confident in their abilities as storytellers & filmmakers. Participants are more knowledgeable and aware of the role of water as a driver for nature in our communities, and feel inspired to share their story. Participants felt safe to express concerns about the climate crisis & the effect this has on water.

Track record

We ask participants to sum up their Mafia Weekend experience in three words: "Lovely creative people" "inspired, reassured and connected" "unique, each and everyone here has a unique vibe, your ideas and the way you direct is so unique. Focus; everyone had a goal, and we've got a film out of this. Lastly Support; because it feels like everyone was working towards the same thing, and running everywhere" "privileged, fun, and noisy" "enjoyed, learning, together" "Grateful, exciting and Interesting" "upbeat, frenetic, family," "friendship, creativeness, acceptance" "inspired, relieved, curious" "togetherness, creativity and inclusivity" For links to our participatory films and course breakdown please click view to this link: Statistics - we've created 7 films with over 60 participants aged from 15+ to +70 since 2019

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