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Funding required£4,621.5

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Problem statement

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Infant Feeding and Inequalities found that vulnerable families were at particular risk of hardship and that the Healthy Start Scheme is inadequate to mitigate this risk. They found that families who cannot afford infant formula may resort to unsafe infant feeding practices, such as watering down formula, or feeding unsuitable foods to young infants. Similarly, nappy insecurity can be a source of considerable stress and hardship for many parents. It also poses a major risk to infant hygiene and health. Failure to provide enough diapers increases risk for diaper dermatitis (Scheinfeld, 2005) and urinary tract infections (Sugimura et al., 2009).


We are asking for £4621.50 to purchase baby supplies (both single use and reusable nappies, formula and wipes) to bolster our existing supplies to ensure that we can continue to meet demand for the coming 6 months. We’re seeing huge levels of demand which are stretching our capacity as a small organisation who are entirely reliant on volunteers and donated funds. We often are required to call out for urgent donations of nappies (all sizes), baby wipes, baby food and formula milk in order to keep supporting vulnerable infants. This is unsustainable. Therefore, we are seeking out collaborators and partners to ensure that we can continue this vital part of OMA’s work.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Over the past two and a half years, OMA has mobilised over 500 volunteers to successfully deliver its support. Research by the Child Poverty Action group has shown that when two parents work full time on the minimum wage, a family will be £47 a week short of the income they need to meet the basic costs of raising a child. O.M.A is the only organisation that provides free single baby essentials, regularly receiving referrals from organisations, charities and statutory agencies supporting Oxford’s young families who have nowhere else to turn. We have a dedicated case management team for families with more complex needs

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