Land and Sea Adventurers


Funding required£1,500
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

Since the Covid pandemic began, the number of children not in school has increased substantially, largely due to anxiety and poor mental health. In 2021, children and adolescents with a probable mental health condition were twice as likely to live in households newly falling behind on bills (12.8%, compared with 6.7% of 6 to 16-year-olds without a mental health condition). 70% of children on our waiting list are living with a disability, anxiety or learning differences. Finance is a barrier to attending for 80% of these children. Our survey shows that there is great need for an active, inclusive, accessible club of this kind in this area of Cornwall; it does not currently exist.


We offer an inclusive, welcoming, holistic provision for children of all ages. Through activities in nature, such as; climbing trees, crafts, tool work, sea swimming, water safety, navigation & fire craft; we help children feel included, grow their self esteem, build confidence and find their sense of self. Connection to self, to each other & to the land around them are vital in enabling them to feel that they are good enough and heard. We provide lunch to reduce the impact of food poverty and promote the MH benefits of sharing food. We will offer 50% discount to families for whom finance is a barrier to attendance. £1500 will enable 8 children to attend for a term with a 50% discount.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have experienced, qualified staff. We have run a successful holiday club in the same location for two years running, from which many participants have requested a term time club of the same format. Between 2020-2022 we successfully created and grew a Home Ed group in East Cornwall which grew from 1 to 3 days delivery/ week under our watch. Feedback from the first week has been over whelming- 'my child is so happy'. We have doubled our numbers in 1 week incl. enquiries from families for whom finance is a barrier. The farm on which we run is wholly supportive of our project and is keen to work together, introducing farm days to our sessions to broaden, further, the experiences we offer.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Ticket Discounts 50% for 8 children for one term (12 sessions)£1,500


8 people

Expected impact

8 children will benefit from Land and Sea Adventurers for 1 term at an affordable cost to their families. Here they will build confidence and competence in the sea, improve their mental health and wellbeing, reduce anxiety and raise self esteem through connecting with nature, the sea, each other and themselves. Spending time with other children in a supported, holistic session reduces social isolation and loneliness. Our sessions run in a learner led way; autonomy is vital in improving mental health. The impact may well extend out to other family members because, many of these children will be accompanied by a parent/ carer and we know that the positive impacts of these sessions are also felt by adults present. Sharing food is a big part of our sessions & through this we are able to reduce the impact of food poverty in this group. Children will be able to revisit/ benefit from activities outside of our sessions having developed the knowledge & awareness of how to do so safely.

Track record

Quotes from week 1 Land and Sea Adventurers: 'It's EVERYTHING to see him smiling and joining in with others like he did! We had a great day. Thank you so much' 'Just to say thank you so much. You are a success with D which says a lot!!! He is so happy' 'E loved every second and can't wait for more'

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