The Alice Cross Centre


Funding required£2,000
Delivery timeframe13 weeks

The Pitch

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Room hire, including heating @16 per hour, 4 hours per week£832
Marketing (includes ink, paper, staff time) £10 per week.£130
Project Manager and in attendance at £10 an hour 4 hours£520


390 people

Expected impact

The impact our heat café will have will be on both physical and mental health for the beneficiaries. They will enjoy social interaction, access a warm and welcoming place and be able to eat healthy affordable food. Our menu will include soup, stew, chilli, curry, dahl, jacket potatoes and fillings, plus healthy child friendly options. Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) have agreed to come once a month to provide free advice on saving energy and money, which will make accessing this type of service easier for a lot of people and may help to relieve stress. There will be a wide selection of board games available and a volunteer on hand to teach people how to play them. They will have access to our ipads and library and will also be able to charge their phones. The community coming together at a difficult time and the support and social interaction this brings has a proven lasting positive impact on overall health and well-being..

Track record

We started a Home Meal Delivery Service during the pandemic as a similar crisis response and the service continues today. In our financial year ending June 2022, we delivered 2593 meals reaching 38 vulnerable people up to 4 times per week. Our service also provides a welfare check 4 times a week in person as food is being delivered and once a week by phone when a call is made to take menu choices. One of our clients recently rang to say "how delicious the food was and that she couldn't manage without us." We get regular calls complimenting the chef and this highlights the lovely rapport that we have established with our service users. A quote from one of our regular users sums up what we do: The Alice Cross offers a variety of activities, offering choice to people with different needs and tastes, essentially, in the spirit of a community facility. It provides an outlet for local people who are able to meet up and make friends with people of a similar age. It is a much valued resource.

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