Equal Access to Nature

Funding required£10,000
Delivery timeframe10 months

The Pitch

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

2 Mini-buses for 30 children x 2 camps = £250 per minibus x 2 x 2 camps = £1000£1,000
Events Event Manager time organising camps, community outreach work in order to recruit, storage in/out, shopping, supervising camps -12 days plan/prep x £121.50 + 3 x £874.80 = £996.30 x 2£1,992.6
Camp Assistant costs - 18 hours x 4 days x £12.00 per hour x 2 camps£1,728
Food - £30 per child including ice-creams & fish and chips as treats as these are too expensive for families x 35 young people/camp helpers -£2,450
Public liability insurance - 2 camps£450
Storage costs - £150.00 for two units per months x 3£435.4
Events Manager attending meetings in 10 Bristol schools 6 months before camps (4 hours) and then 2 weeks before each camp - 120 hours x £16.20 = £1944£1,944


60 people

Expected impact

We are applying for one primary age (8-11) and one teenage nature camp (12-18) with 30 at each. Attendees are Visible Minority Ethnic and almost all have never been to the countryside before or engaged nature. There is therefore a need to get these communities outside. 77% of White middle class children are taken out into green spaces once a week, which reduces by 10% for children from areas of deprivation and another 10% for VME children, showing there is a big need for our work, which focusses on Barton Hill, Easton, Eastville and St Paul's. We have a 100% success rate in engaging our children with nature getting them active in environmental issues, understanding the link between getting outside into nature and improved mental and physical health. We talk to them about mental health resilience, how they can use being outside to make themselves feel better and going home to talk to their family, meaning that this funding will reach around 300 people encouraging them to get outdoors.

Track record

As well as working with our attendees to give them an immersive experience of being out in nature, we give them an understanding of the serious environmental issues that we face as a planet both in the UK and in their places of ethnicity such as Somalia, Jamaica & Bangladesh where climate change is already having serious impacts. They go home more knowledgeable and empowered. We offer a wide range of activities so that each child can find something they love. We have been running nature camps since 2015 and have organised approximately 50 events. We are led by two experienced EDI and VME community managers with 60 years of expertise between them and are also led by our Founder/President, Mya-Rose Craig (Birdgirl) who is a prominent diversity and environmental activist and who is amazing at engaging with the young people. We also talk to them about subject choices, exams, university, careers, racism in school and make them feel important and plan to do more alongside nature in 2023.

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