Female, trans and non binary skateboard community group


Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe6 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

We ran a pilot project aimed at supporting those that identify as female, transgender and non binary with great success, the statistics on hate crime against transgender people is rising each year and with crimes against woman being so common with figures of 32% of woman not feeling safe walking around on their own compared to 13% of men, there is a great need to support female friendly sports, the attendees that came echoed this in their want to try skateboarding but had to much anxiety and worry to do so without support. We want to create a safe space where they can feel safe and protected, keep active and make new friends to then continue together with that support network in place.


The goal of the project is to give those that attend the project the confidence to feel like they know and understand how the skatepark etiquette works, how to manage shared space, a new skill level that they can use to stay active on their own and with friends as well as building friendships through the project to then have a choice to carry on with the new friends and relationships to then venture out to others places feeling like they have a right and ownership of the skateparks just as most males tend to do in many skateparks up and down the country without feeling intimated and anxious, the funding will be spent on two skate instructors, equipment hire and admin for the sessions.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have ran our business for 6 years now and have supported over a 4,000 people a year in skateboard activities including, running weekly youth clubs, weekend sessions for free at the local park, video producing projects, skate jams, worked with others on local fund raising events, worked with local Charites, supported people from deprived backgrounds, actively promoted girls in skateboarding, ran free lessons through out west Sussex, worked in after school clubs in an all female school, worked with alternative schools with hard to reach teens, 121 lessons, group lessons, we have developed a course that other skate clubs across the UK are now taking on for themselves and more projects.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Skateboard instructors£2,280


114 people

Expected impact

The impact we want in running the project is to build a small community that supports one another, building their confidence and desire to carry on using skateboarding as a way to keep fit and active, the main beneficiaries will be the attendees and possibly their friends that may be influenced to try skateboarding as well, we will have targets in place by first of all asking people to fill out a short questionnaire guided at recording their feelings towards the first few sessions and how they felt before coming, measuring confidence, skill, friendships and we will ask them to write a goal that they are aiming for, through the sessions we will ask those that have been attending for a while the same questions but we will be measuring the difference in their answers and to see if the goals that they have set themselves have been achieved. We will also be measuring the impact through recording videos and taking quotes to be posted on social media.

Track record

We will include a few different changes in people and quotes in this section. -We worked at an alternative provisional school for sometime and we saw a massive positive change in their attitudes of 3 students through giving them positive goals and we really built up a friendship where the lessons took on more of a friends skate session with them really gaining a lot of skill and confidence. Felpham lessons-"Tobis first time meeting you and he had a great time, he was so please with how much he learnt, he looks forward to coming back again soon" "My son had a fab time trying out skateboarding, thank you" "An excellent club run by a true homefield local, friendly vibe and great for the community-just what was needed" "Thanks for the help and support this morning my boys had a great time!" "We had so much fun at the skate club this morning!" "Cracking sesh this morning! Cheers for the warm and friendly welcome, me and +++ had a great time-well be back"

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