Supporting young people through grief

Funding required£2,500
Delivery timeframe6 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

Due to the pandemic, the work of Let's Talk About Loss has never been more needed. In our Spring 2021 survey, 100% of respondents told us that they would consider attending another of our peer-led monthly meet up groups, and 87% told us attending had positively impacted their grief journey. Let's Talk About Loss now needs to urgently scale up our work, to meet the increased demand and support our volunteers (we're working with over 80 of them) to deliver this essential grief support. We want to increase the training we offer, professionalise our services, and advertise our support so that more young grievers can access it.


With this project, we will focus on three areas. The first and most important is training. We'll create bespoke, accredited safeguarding training for our Hosts, to ensure they feel confident and comfortable when running groups. We'll also run equality and diversity training, and work with grief experts such as Child Bereavement UK to run further confidence and skills workshops (we ran a few successful pilots at the start of the pandemic). The other areas of the project are around advertising local groups - both offline (posters/flyers) and online (social media) - and equipping Hosts with the resources they need, such as t-shirts to wear at meet ups so newcomers know how to find them.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Let's Talk About Loss started in 2018 with just one group meeting every month in Nottingham. In June 2021, we have 32 groups across the UK, with a volunteer base of over 80 passionate young grievers, and over 500 people a month attending our groups. We're completely volunteer led, and have proven that our method works. 94% of survey respondents told us our meet ups feel like a safe space, but we want to make this 100%, and we want to ensure that we can continue to deliver our work despite the negative impact of the pandemic on our finances.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Creating bespoke, accredited safeguarding training in partnership with Thirtyone:eight, a leading safeguarding charity.£1,500
Providing resources for all Hosts including t-shirts, badges, business cards and posters.£500
Social media advertising split equally between all 32 groups across the UK£500


80 people

Expected impact

Our volunteers will feel more confident and secure to deliver our meet ups, meaning a better experience for our attendees. We will use surveys at the beginning of the project, and again after three months and then six months, to measure confidence, skills, expertise and sense of fulfillment in our volunteers. We will also repeat our Spring 2021 survey in the Autumn to measure whether scores have increased for how safe, welcomed and supported people felt while attending a meet up.

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