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Homelessness can be a very challenging, stressful and isolating time in people’s lives so when someone finally receives the keys to their new tenancy it can seem like a dream come true. Sadly, this dream can quickly turn to a nightmare when they realise they have nothing – bare walls and floorboards, no crockery, bedding, electricals and no money to buy them – they have nothing. Furthermore, people moving on from the stress of homelessness and long periods in temporary housing often lack financial resources, skills and support networks to settle into their new tenancy. So, how can they make this simple dream, to have a home, come true?


Fresh Start is an Edinburgh-based charity helping people who have been homeless get established in their new home and settle in their community. Fresh Start provide people with Starter Packs of essential household goods to help them turn an empty shell into 'my home', two words they won't have used for a long time. Due to Covid our donations have been reduced so we now have to purchase items to make up our Starter Packs. We are requesting funding of £3,000 to purchase Starter Pack items such as duvets, pillows, electricals to help people who have been homeless to set up their new tenancies. We estimate that this will help over 100 to move on from homelessness and forward with their lives.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Fresh Start has been a well established charity since 1999 and by following a donation and volunteer-led organisational model has been able to demonstrate longevity and success.

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