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The Scran Van Tour

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Research shows that areas of high deprivation have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and its effect on casual employment, compounding existing issues relating to food insecurity and poverty more generally. Moreover, grassroots community organisations in North Edinburgh have been mostly closed or offering digital-only services for the past year, leaving young people facing significant challenges with limited opportunities for development. Scran Academy works with communities in Edinburgh within top 5-10% of SIMD nationally, by supporting young people from these communities who face multiple and complex barriers to success.


The Scran Van Tour is a series of 7 food-based community events, feeding up to 350 community members who suffer from food insecurity and poverty. These events, delivered in partnership with grassroots community groups, use our food truck – the Scran Van – as the central focus and production unit. Each event will be codesigned by young people and organisations following a tested “plan-do-review” model. As a result, local people will access free, healthy and safe food. Our community partners will increase their engagement with vulnerable families. 10 young people will engage in an event planning and delivery programme that builds confidence, provides work experience and acts as a positive al

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Scran Academy exists to help young people overcome poverty-related barriers through accessing the experiences, support and skills required to change their lives. We offer transformational youth work programmes that empower young people to lead our real-life catering social enterprises. We work to alleviate poverty through youth-led and partnership driven events, providing opportunities for young people to give back to their communities. Our unique model proves that ALL young people CAN achieve if given the right opportunities.

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