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New Scout Headquarters and Equipment

Funding required£3,000

The Pitch

Problem statement

1st Knutsford Scouts are building a new headquarters, not just to be used by our Beaver, Cub and Scout troops, but also by the wider Knutsford community. Having built the shell our attention has now turned to the interior furnishings of the building, the tables, chairs and catering equipment so that a wide range of different organisations will be able to use the premises. This may be for birthday parties, WI meetings, fitness classes and other community organisations. We are looking to fund 10 folding tables and a combination of folding benches and chairs for 60 people. We also want crockery, cutlery, glassware etc for 60 people. We anticipate we can achieve this on a budget of £3000


The goal is to ensure that the facilities we offer to the community mean the headquarters is booked up all day every day. We want it to become the place that people want to hire for their event. By securing this funding it would mean that we can finish the interior and can fully open from day one. Covid has impacted on our budget enormously (costly delays and material price increases) so we currently don't have any budget left for the fixtures and fittings but we know that having the right facilities from the start will make the headquarters much more attractive and convenient for the people of Knutsford. We wish to be able to offer the number one venue for community bookings in the town.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We are central to the town centre, we will be fully accessible in terms of disabled facilities, there is parking nearby and there is no other venue in Knutsford that is big enough for large group activities. We have had a headquarters down on the Moor for over 100 years but this is the first time we will have a facility that is of a high enough quality and calibre to be used by the entire town. We are very proud of what we are creating. A marketing company in Knutsford is creating our website and booking system for us and we intend to rent the space at fair rates so that the cost is not prohibitive to any organisation or group that wishes to use the facilities.

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