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ASPIRE - creative freelance training for unemployed individuals aged 16-30 from BAME backgrounds


Funding required£4,896

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Problem statement

With an estimated 2,040,000 jobs, the UK’s creative industries are developing new jobs faster than any other sector. In 2018, creative industries grew jobs by 1.6%, whereas general employment increased by only 0.8%. While there is an appetite for creative working, many young people struggle to break into the industry. Interestingly, 49% of surveyed young people aged 16-25 want a career in the creative industries (70% for 16–18-year-olds), but 62% of all students said they do not feel they receive adequate information about creative careers at school or from parents/role models. As well as information, many young people lack the necessary soft skills and opportunities to show their talents.


To address the issues above, we are training 30 young creatives (aged 16-30 who are unemployed & from BAME backgrounds) over 12 months to use their skills and talents to access the creative industry. The young creatives will take part in workshops facilitated by field experts. Tax & bookkeeping, confidence & decision making, emotional intelligence, dealing with clients and time management are a few examples of the core workshops. We will offer specialist training in key creative areas (e.g., photography, filmmaking, graphic design) and match participants with mentors. After completing the project, participants will be eligible to join our agency and secure paid work as a freelancer.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

You Press is an award-winning social enterprise with 10+ years' experience working with young people from minority backgrounds and underrepresented groups. We are East London based, but our projects have regional, national, and international reach. We are committed to working with young people from varied social and cultural backgrounds and our team reflects this. Almost all our team members grew up in East London, we are BAME led, and we have lived experience of the challenges faced by the communities we work with. Over the past five years we have: delivered 20+ successful projects, trained 700+ young people, and offered paid and/or voluntary work experience to 150+ young creatives.

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