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Funding required£3,000.00

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Problem statement

The problem: kids literacy levels are at an all-time low in the UK and the “literacy gap” is at its widest level since records began. We want to address this. 25% of kids leave Primary School unable to read and write! The financial cost of poor literacy to the UK economy was considered to be more than £37bn a year - and this was BEFORE Covid. There are also a lack of books at home for many poorer children; a lack of guidance outside of the classroom; a reliance on the digital world; and little to no good and engaging educational video content on the most popular video platform for children, YouTube. There cannot be many more pressing issues in Manchester, than closing the literacy gap.


The solution: Tiger and Tim. We develop youngsters through our extensive (i) videos, (ii) social media work, (iii) blogs and (iv) educational materials. Literacy is the centrepiece of all of our work however. Reading, writing, listening and speaking would all be developed using this grant money and we would spend this on producing several short videos for children in Manchester / their pre-schools, as well as associated learning resources. The impact is simple: to help kids fall in love with learning and literacy by falling in love with Tiger and Tim. Children can then use all of our other free resources we have produced once they have consumed the content from this grant.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Tiger and Tim has over 1.5m views across streaming apps. We have up to 20,000 organic website hits per month, plus several thousand social media followers. We haven't done any marketing. People love the quality of our content, its uniqueness, and the fact it is helping numerous children across the UK. We want to do this in Manchester too, in a focused way. Our founder, Tim Hague, was a former BBC broadcaster and was awarded Fellowship of the RSA in 2020 because of his work to improve literacy. Tiger and Tim have already had collaborations with the likes of The Duchess of York, The National Literacy Trust, Twinkl, The World Literacy Foundation and more. Our experience speaks for itself.

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