Mini gardeners

Funding required£499
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

As we open up our community garden post lockdown, we have an increasing demand from schools and nurseries in the area for science and and nature outdoor learning workshops. We would like to meet this demand and invite groups of children with their teachers / parents to weekly organised activities that meet the national curriculum. In order to do this we need more child sized tools and PPE equipment


We will deliver workshops on a weekly basis to several primary and nursery schools in our area. Totalling a minimum of 30 children per week from now until the end of September 2021. We will purchase mini trowels, forks, spades, activity items such as nets, magnifying glasses, wildlife information handouts and gardening gloves that can be sanitised

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have delivered similar projects in the past and have a long history of working with the community and schools. Currently the local schools are coming to us and asking if we can deliver workshops.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Rake, Fork, Spade mix set of 18£285.54
Washable hand gloves x 20 pairs£105.36
Hand trowel & Fork set of 20£55.88
magnifying glasses with stand x 6£26.34
learning handouts£12.89


390 people

Expected impact

Improve awareness and understanding of nature and the environment, food and sustainability, thus inspiring children for the future.

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