Saving 15 lives at risk of suicide

Funding required£3,750
Delivery timeframe4 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

Every day in the UK, 18 people die by suicide. When someone attempts suicide: -They are usually discharged from hospital within 24hours. -They are then referred back to their GP who will usually prescribe medication of a course Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). -The waiting list for this support is long, as patients' conditions may worsen over time. -There is no evidence base for CBT or medication alone as effective interventions to tackle suicidal ideation. The current suicide-prevention system is ineffective, and act as a revolving door whereby people end up undergoing the same journey through a failing system after each attempt. This heightens suicide risk rather than reduces it.


Our service is tailored to the needs of the suicidal, offering a robust and evidence-based alternative to those traditional means of support. - We operate without a waiting list. Each referral is contacted within 24hours and offered a first appointment within 7days. - Our service is 100% confidential, thus allowing our visitors to share their pain without fear of repercussions. - We operate face-to-face, and offer continuity of care. - Our huge volunteer pool (over 500 active volunteers) allows us to keep our cost of support low. £3,750 will provide life-saving support to 15 individuals at risk of suicide for as long as they need, over a 12-month period.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

In June 2016, during our first month of opening, we accepted 9 referrals. Five years later, we currently average 420 referrals a month since January 2021.In five years, TLP has grown to become a pivotal part of suicide prevention in the capital. We also know our support works. We have a rigorous system in place to ensure we capture the impact of our service, combining qualitative feedback with quantitative data. Our latest evaluation of 1300 visitors, led by Consultant Psychologist Dr Davidson showed that after an average of 4 months, our visitors experienced highly significant decrease in self- reported suicidal feelings, and highly significant increase in experience of support.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Salaries (excluding fundraising)£2,199.35
Volunteer costs£575
IT costs£159.25


15 people

Expected impact

We use the clinically-recognised Columbia Suicide Scale to measure the evolution of suicidal feelings in our beneficiaries. Our latest evaluation, led by Consultant Psychologist Dr Sarah Davidson MBE shows unequivocal results: After 4 months on average, feelings of suicidality in our beneficiaries is significantly reduced, whilst feelings of support increase significantly. The qualitative feedback we collect from our beneficiaries and referral partners is unequivocal: “TLP is the only service we refer to where we don’t see our patients returning to our A&E department.” John Madden, Senior Psychiatric Liaison Nurse, King’s College Accident and Emergency. “I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you do. I am still alive as a direct result of your care, compassion and skill” Service user, March 2021 Our service works, as we are saving lives and changing the face of suicide support in the capital. £3,750 will ensure that a further 15 suicidal people receive our support.

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