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Establishing firm foundation

Funding required£1,000
LocationNorth Leigh

The Pitch

Problem statement

Since being set up 5 years ago TransOxford has had several hundred people join and receive support from the group. Many more have received support but not joined tor been in involved in activities. We have given dozens of presentations to local organisations about being trans, appeared on TV and radio, connected and worked with numerous colleges, social services, politicians, medical services, and so on. However all of this has been done by a small group of individuals who have given up their time and funded everything, web sites, promotional material, event costs, expenses, etc. from their own pockets. We now need to put this on a more sound footing financially and organisationally.


The goal is to put a proper foundation to the group so that it is sustainable long term. The funds will be used to support the creation of better tools - a better web site, communication and mailing tools, promotional and support material, and to cover the expenses for those involved in support and outreach work, be it meeting and supporting each other through to educating and supporting organisations. We have an increasing demand and this can only be met by folks within the group giving up more of their time. To support them we must at least cover their costs! This will enable us to better meet demand and more cohesively and effectively deliver the support we have to provide.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We've been doing it for 5 years already and have received a lot of thanks and praise form the many folks we have helped along their journey and from the organisaiotns we have presented and connected to. As one grateful mother put 'you are saving lives'. I'd suggest that says enough.

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