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New family wellbeing room for Greenwich & Bexley Hospice

Funding required£4,439.00

The Pitch

Problem statement

Here at Greenwich & Bexley Hospice in south east London we care for around 350 terminally ill people on our inpatient unit every year. For every patient are many visitors: carers, friends, children and family of all kinds. We have a family wellbeing room where people can relax before or after they see their loved one on the ward. It is a place to watch TV, play board games, or sit with a cup of tea and look out of the window onto our woodland garden. It hasn't been updated for 7 years, so it looks tired and our furniture is old and not sturdy or washable enough for a healthcare setting. It looks institutional and old fashioned. It is a bit depressing. We want to do better for our community.


The goal is to create a brighter, more up-to-date and positive space for at least 750 family members a year, who are losing a loved one, to sit and relax in - and help their wellbeing, The funding will be spent on two things: New Furniture The furniture we need is expensive as it is designed for a healthcare setting and can be cleaned to a higher standard that conventional furniture. This is very important with the advent of COVID. Previously we have bought cheaper items but it has turned out to be a false economy. Due to COVID and its ongoing effects in the way people relate to each other chairs are preferred to sofas Decorating The space needs redecorating, in brighter more modern colours

Why are we best placed to deliver?

The Hospice has been caring for our community in south east London for over 25 years. We have the skills and experience to create a safe comfortable space for those who are losing loved ones inside our Hospice building. Nearby to the family room there are doctors, nurses, counsellors, our Hospice cafe and our gardens - it is a link to everything we offer. We have our own estates department who can organise this project and a senior nursing and social work team who can decide on the right furniture and look for the room, along with lots of advice from those who are using it.

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