Update our old Ground Equipment

Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe2 months

The Pitch

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Total cost of a new mower is £4000 - the club would be able to fund the difference£3,000


2,890 people

Expected impact

A good mower is an absolute essential item to any cricket club. The impact is felt throughout the club. To start with the hard-working grounds people (all volunteers) can do their work so much more efficiently. The result from them is much better prepared wickets which makes them feel their job has value and makes them feel a very important part of the club. The playing members feel a huge impact competing on well prepared pitches. It gives them confidence to express themselves at whatever ability they are knowing that it’s not the pitch that is at fault. When you get to the higher calibre of cricketer both juniors and seniors to have a good pitch is essential. Clubs with poor playing surfaces tend to lose their better players to other clubs who have great facilities and pitches. Having this mower will go a long way to making sure that the youngsters and younger seniors we are investing in don’t have their eyes turned by clubs trying to approach our better players...

Track record

As Project Coordinator I have done 2 big grant projects for the club in the last 3 years. In 2019 I acquired a grant from Viridor for a new 3 bay cricket net. This was delivered on time and has a massive impact. Before we had the nets our attendance at senior training was on average 10 people now, we have over 25. The nets have helped us with our junior cricket having last year launched a successful All stars and Dynamo’s cricket for primary school children and on Friday nights regularly had over 100 people at our ground. Our Devon Cricket representative said we had one of the most successful campaigns, in terms of numbers, in the whole of Devon. Last year I secured a grant from ECB to tarmac the entrance into and out of our ground. It was just a rough lane with lots of potholes and a hazard to all cars. This means peoples first impressions of our facilities are not “oh that’s the place where you ruin your car”.

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