Repair Cafe


Funding required£1,500
Delivery timeframe2 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

A repair cafe was the most popular idea in a poll asking what the residents would like to do. To increase town community spirit and join together. To increase recycling, reusing and repairing. To save stuff from going to landfill. To give new life to treasured possessions. I have been contacted by the Honiton mental health group and Honiton Carers group. We can help the poor and vulnerable members of Honiton as Repair Cafe philosophy is to repair for free or donations only. Volunteers will be able to use their skills for the good of the community, in a constructive friendly way, for mutual benefit, to include the 33 villages that make up the old Honiton Borough.


Prevent consigning stuff to landfill. Restore precious items to use. Create further opportunities to tackle the climate change and ecological crisis now facing us. To further advertise other possible group activities, family wildlife groups, making bird boxes, bat boxes and hedgehog houses. Encourage people to volunteer for more possible projects to increase the planting of pollinators, and trees around Honiton. Promote sustainability in everything from clothes to food. For start up costs, insurance, upfront rent, publicity, printing costs for paperwork. equipment, mugs, plates, tea towels for the cafe. The aim of Repair Cafes is to repair 70% of all items brought in. To try is best.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

I was an full-time unpaid carer until my Mother died recently. Although I am disabled and have various health issues. I now have the time to work full time on this project. I have done large amounts of volunteering during my life and love it; it gives me the opportunity to feel useful and direct my talents in the direction I most feel comfortable with. I have advertised through social media and poster campaigns to ask volunteers with a variety of skill sets to offer their time to help share their skills and teach others to use their abilities to solve problems and mend things they might not otherwise get the chance to do; thus giving both parties a deep sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Rent for first six months£720
fit out cafe mugs, plates, utensils, cutlery, kettles£300
printing and stationary£120
membership of Repair Cafe Foundation £45 plus sunderies£60


180 people

Expected impact

The CUB building Trustees will have a consistant increase in income. Promote the use, activities and awareness of CUB. Indirectly the Youth centre for which is its' main current purpose. The whole community of Honiton and surrounding villages bringing people into the town, to meet socially and achieve increase feeling for community and sense of belonging. Discuss opportunities to extend the Honiton Community Action Group with visitors recruit more volunteers and discover what other climate change and ecological actions we can take and bring to fruition. Help individuals interact and join the activities. Encourage better interaction between the schools, businesses and community. Invite other community groups to advertise and promote their groups to a wider audience. A chance to promote other community activities going on in Honiton. Promote the local businesses and increase awareness for the mutual benefit of Repair Cafe and the town of Honiton.

Track record

I help set up Tiverton Repair Cafe about 10 years ago. A very early Repair Cafe. We have visited other local repair Cafes to learn best practice and any awareness of any pitfalls. I volunteered with Devon Wildlife Trust for many years working on many different projects. I helped with fundraising initiatives. Volunteered at many different events in all weathers. I assisted with education projects with schools and conducting tours around Crcklepit Mill. I did a lot of data processing for various projects including Exeter Swifts, the horseshoe bat project the original West Devon beaver project. I am a keen gardener and have created a wildlife garden, with pond, wood and stone piles wildflower area and using only native or near native pollinator plants.

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