Kings to the Future! Developing Grassroots Wheelchair Basketball through people

Funding required£2,000
Delivery timeframe6 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

You're twice as likely to be physically inactive if you have a disability. One in five people in England has a long-standing limiting disability or illness. Sport England's Active Lives Adult Survey data shows disabled people are almost twice as likely to be physically inactive (43%), compared with those without a disability (23%) There's no single answer to addressing this, but understanding the barriers people face - we wish to deliver tailor-made wheelchair basketball training sessions, that can help improve all aspects of life. Along with support on healthy nutrition, mental health and performance through to muscular strength and endurance.


Coaches are life-changers that can give people the inspiration to succeed and push themselves harder than you can ever imagine. We are looking to turn adults into the next generation of great coaches - we hope to break down the barriers that disabled people feel by building an infrastructure of great able-bodied and disabled coaches that are positive, bring an enthusiastic yet supportive goal-oriented, and respectful approach to wheelchair basketball.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Our last generation of coaches has gone on to great success, with our first team getting triple back-to-back promotions all the way to the top flight in the UK! As Berkshire's oldest & most successful competitive wheelchair basketball club which is community-focused & 100% volunteer-run. We have a love and passion for what we do, we have been awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. Our members reported the following: 90% reported an increase in social engagement, 78% reported better mental health & 96% reported better physical health We need new coaches to enable us to continue to grow, or we potentially will need to start turning people away.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Coaching Courses - Grade 2 (3 x)£1,200
Coaching Courses - Grade 2 (3 x)£600
Coaching Materials (Tools, Resources & Templates)£200


20 people

Expected impact

With additional certified coaches we will have the ability to successfully launch additional training sessions for any new starters and beginner members. This will also allow us the ability to offer either additional training sessions or more one-to-one training sessions for our existing members to assist with members who may need additional needs thus allowing us to potentially understand and meet the needs of people who have different motivations and barriers that stop them getting active in the first place. We will also be able to free up more resources with the head coaches enabling them to provide additional hands-on training to new and existing coaches allowing even more additional growth for them when they start or continue to get hands-on with their coaching - enabling them to become better coaches in the long-run as they continue.

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