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Teen packs


Funding required£2,000

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Problem statement

We send toiletry packs to Senior schools throughout our community. These packs consist of shower gel, shampoo. deodorant. Toothpaste. toothbrush and sanitary wear for girls. These packs are given to students identified by teaching staff as being vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are told by staff these packs reduce bullying and absenteeism while promoting good hygiene habits.


Unfortunately kids are sometimes unkind to each other. Students are sometimes singled out as they are unable to take a shower after sporting activities. Some students don't attend school on the days these activities take place. This small bag of toiletries stops this! These are luxuries families living on poverty simply cannot afford.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

To Schools throughout our community. We have been offering this service for 2 years. As our service gets busier every year. We cannot continue to fund this ourselves.

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