Powerchair Football Equipment - Acquisition of Competitive Sports Wheelchair

Funding required£4,063
Delivery timeframe10 weeks

The Pitch

Problem statement

The sport of Powerchair Football is the only sport available for disabled individuals without upper body strength. The sport is internationally governed, held 3 World Cups and is represented on the International Olympic Committee. In England, the FA support the National squad. In England, there are 44 affiliated clubs with 115 teams registered. 24 teams play in the National league and 61 teams play in 6 regional leagues. 24 teams have entered the National Cup competition. The equipment needed to play the sport competitively are specialised wheelchairs of which three manufacturers are approved, and cost up to £7000 each. We require chairs to allow as many individuals to play competitively.


The club needs to acquire competitive sports chairs to ensure the development of members to achieve their potential. Our club currently has 20 active members, of which 14 are adults. The club's constitution states that we must enable the sport to be available to disabled individuals in our area, covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire. The grant will contribute, together with club funds, to allow the purchase of one chair to add to the club's collection of 9 competitive chairs. The club also have several 12 year old chairs to allow new members to start playing the sport, but they are no longer competitive to today's standard.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

NPFC was founded in 2005 and was a founder member of the National league in 2006. We offer a weekly activity of powerchair football for players with High Level Physical Disabilities, offering two sessions per week, at two locations in Nottinghamshire. We have many experienced players, as well as volunteers who maintain the club's chairs both mechanically and electronically. We have worked hard over 16 years to fund raise, to ensure that players who join us have access to the correct equipment. We have close links both to chair manufactures, but also dealers in the UK who support clubs. The club has received quotes from all three manufacturers, which the funder can view on request.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Contribution to chair purchase as described in previously (quotes available on request)£4,063


7 people

Expected impact

The impact of the the success of this project is two-fold:1) Reduced reliance of uncompetitive equipment. The acquisition of one more chair means that the club's national squads are able to perform to their full potential. It also means that players starting the game are reliant on one fewer 12 year old chair to develop their skills.2) Wider use. The chair is available to all members of the club that need it. However, I have estimated that it will directly benefit 7 members as this is the number in our 2nd team squad that does not currently play with all players in competitive equipment.

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