Laptop computer funding

Funding required£600
Delivery timeframe2 weeks

The Pitch

Problem statement

Our community group urgently need a laptop computer because our laptop has been stolen. We cannot afford the cost of a Solicitor and we are struggling to gather evidence about who has taken our computer


We need a computer to enter financial, photographic, and the groups various activities

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Members of the committee and residents will have access to all of the community group's documents

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

laptop computer£475
Microsoft word and anti virus package£125


24 people

Expected impact

The computer will be a time saver as most of our records are being entered on paper. We would use the Microsoft application to enter all of our details such as events, funded trips, contact details etc.

Track record

This year we have been very lucky to secure funding for a Christmas meal and also acquired funding for a coach trip to Morecambe for the residents and the local community. We are continuously seeking funding and raising our own funding by organising car boot sales etc. for various projects for our group who are over the age of 55. The Government recognises that we live in one of the most deprived areas in Greater Manchester. Our Facebook page will demonstrate how operate and the good work that we do for the local community. We involve people who suffer from poverty, loneliness, disabilities, and also tenants and residents who have mental health issues.

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