Community and vulnerable people CrossFit classes

Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

There are mutliple barriers to accessing exercise for poeple from specific demographics. Mainly, those from a lower socio-economic background are most likely to be inactive (33%), this is even greater for young people from lower socio-econoimc bakcground (39%). Other groups who have limited access to exersice include those with disabilities, mental health challenges, older people and communities from ethnic minority groups. For example, disabled people are almost twice as likely to be physically inactive, compared top those without a disability. These barriers are unacceptable and Ignite believes everyone should have the equal access to exercise and sport.


Ignite has a non-for-profit CrossFit box which was launched to create a safe and accessible space for disadvantaged and/or marginalised people from all walks of life to access exercise. We believe that everyone should have access to exercise and out CrossFit focuses on inclusivity and accessibility, we provide some fo the most vulnerable members of our community with CrossFit classes in a safe space which can be tailored to their needs. For example, we work with many people with mental health challenges and we ensure class sizes are small and quiet to create an intimidation free environment. This funding will go towards expanding our reach and providing CrossFit to more disadvantaged people.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Ignite Life is best placed to deliver this project due to our close relationships with other organisations, schools, and local authorities within our community which help us to reach 'hard to reach' groups of people. Our facilities are a safe space for people get active and access exercise. Additionally, our coaches have had safeguard training and years of experience in supporting vulnerable people. We have been able to observe the hugely positive impact CrossFit has on peoples lives, and being able to tailor the classes around each persons unique needs, allows them to be accessible to all. We are able to offer classes these classes free of charge, eliminating additional economic barriers.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

This will go towards paying the coaches to deliver the classes. This will provide over 400 CrossFit classes£2,000
Marketing, advertising and promotion to we can expand our reach and engage with more members of our community£500
Admin costs£500


66 people

Expected impact

This project will have a huge impact on the most vulnerable in our community. We will be able to support people by encouraging an active lifestyle, reducing isolation, supporting with mental health, bringing communities together and more. We will measure our impact through written reports, feedback surveys and engagement. Studies show that people from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience mental health conditions, it is also proven that regular exercise can support with mental health. We want to ensure those most vulnerable in our community are supported holistically, not only will we be providing people with access to exercise we will be building a community of people who want to support themselves and each other in more ways than keeping active. Our CrossFit classes focus on creating a supportive, judgement-free space environment where people can thrive and connect with others. There's strong evidence that being active can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

Track record

Functional Fitness classes started in May 2020 and the grant enabled us to have a team of coaches trained and facilitating the growth of classes. Our not-for profit model enabled us to offer CrossFit for £5 a session. Membership was from several targeted groups-disability, LGBT, older members of the community. Lockdown mean that we grew slowly. In December 2020 we were given affiliate status by CrossFit and could use the name an logo o our publicity materials. Immediately after this, the December 2020 lockdown kept gyms closed until May 2021. We almost had to start again but in a more sustained manner. By the end of the grant period in March 202 we had 28 members training with us al least once a wee. By September 2021 we had 40 members. By December 2021 we had 56 members and this is still increasing. We have established a reputatation now for small group CrossFit which is not intimidating and can rapidly improve fitness. We call all of our members ‘athletes’ from the outset.

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