Mixed Ability Therapeutic cycling

Funding required£3,000
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

We run inclusive cycling sessions for people of all ages and abilities, on a 400 metre running track.We have been running these for 9 years and annually have 3000 visitors The sessions have a range of adapted and non-adapted bikes to ensure full inclusivity and a no-barriers approach to cycling. Bikes available include handcycles; tandems for multiple riders (particularly good for people with visual impairments); tricycles (useful for people with balance issues); recumbents; and specially adapted bikes that a wheelchair can be loaded onto , along with hybrids and mountain bikes. We also have some low step over bikes which makes life easier for people who have limited mobility and flexiblity


The aim of our cycling sessions is to make positive changes to our beneficiaries’ lives and physical health –ie, increasing cardio vascular capacity and reducing obesity – while at the same time improving their mental health and wellbeing. Our participants are able to build confidence, gain new skills, and enjoy the benefits of a group activity. We are currently supporting people to recover from isolation, and working with those who have experienced worsening health and fitness as a result of the Covid pandemic. We will use the funding towards the hire costs of the track(£5400 pa) to ensure we can continue providing our service

Why are we best placed to deliver?

We have 9 years experience of delivering this service and year on year we see an increase in participants from the local community and further a field. We work in partnership with the local council, locala (referrals for rehabilitation sessions) ,local day care centres SEN schools and a Downs and Special friends group. We have a regular group of staff and volunteers(all DBS checked) who are well versed in our ethos to ensure everyone has a first class experience.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

track rent£1,600
bike maintenance£1,400


1,500 people

Expected impact

Our charity is essential for those members of our community who may not be able to access other forms of participatory sport due to physical disability (we have 3 bikes that a wheelchair can be loaded onto and the carer can pedal the client around the track), a recent illness, or other circumstances. We offer these individuals a chance to cycle regularly, in a safe and supervised environment and we are seeing an increase in people accessing our services as referrals from Physiotherapists as part of their rehabilitation. Post Covid we know many people are suffering physical and mental issues and our sessions can assist with weight loss and increased fitness levels. we can reduce a persons isolation and lonliness as they can cycle in a group and meet other people at our sessions, even staying on to chat! We have numerous cases of people being able to ride a 2 wheeled bike after a few months of coming to our sessions, thus upskilling them and giving them increased confidence

Track record

Since 2016, over 11,000 people have attended our various cycling sessions, including our mixed ability sessions, (on an enclosed running track) Rock up & Ride, and Women only Ride.(ride along a dedicated cycle route for 1.5 hours). We have run Community rides along the Greenway and provided all our participants with a Streetbikes cycling shirt so they feel part of our organisation. We facilitate the start of the Jo Cox Way and have organised the Kirklees part of the Schools tour. Tmara and her husband are both registered blind and have attended Streetbikes cycling sessions for many years. Tmara says: “my husband started attending the cycling sessions first and then suggested I should attend, as they had adapted bikes available for people of all disabilities including blind people! Attending these sessions has made me feel physically stronger and has also given me more confidence in myself and made me feel less anxious. Carry on the great work Streetbikes!”

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