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Funding required£2,200.00

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Problem statement

We need a gate. This is a joint project between North Tameside Scouts and Ashton Community Fire Station to bring a derelict piece of land attached to the fire station into use by the Scouts and Community. The FireCamp project is to have a small camp site in which Scouts can camp, climb on the climbing wall and play on the life size football table. Over the weekend the Fire Crews, inbetween fires and their other duties will train the Scouts to gain their fire safety badges plus other fire courses in fire safety around the home and learn about fire engines and how to fight fires safely. It would be expanded to use to recruit people into Scouting and the fire service from the local communities.


The goals of the project is to get a piece of derelict land back for the Scouts gaining skills in land management, in camping, in climbing and football for exercise, knowledge in fire safety and fire fighting, recruiting young people into Scouting and the fire service cadets. The funding is to install a access gate to get onto the carpark for the climbing wall and life size football table trailers. Plannings (old road tarmac) will be delivered free by Tameside Council saving it going to costly landfill. The Community Payback Team (Probation service) will make the car park for free. The Scouts and Community will carry out the land works. The impact will be better people, and a safer community

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Scouting is based on camping and outdoors and set up to make young people better citzens in all our differing communities, with a team of trained leaders and skill instructors with all the neccesary training and risk assessments. The FireCamp excuitive team have the skills to manage this project using their work experience in the daytime jobs as well as Scouting. The future of the FireCamp success will be to expand it's use to other Scout groups and schools to help with their forest schools skills and getting the fire safety messages out to a greater number of young people. Recruiting more young people into Scouting, Fire cadets plus more adults getting involved in leadership from our commun

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