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Problem statement

A recent report by Sport England showed that just 52% of Black adults and 48% of Asian adults met the CMO guidelines for activity levels between 2020-2021 compared to 61% of the whole population. We consulted 28 BAME people aged 16 to 49. Our consultation suggested there were several possible reasons for lackof/reduced activity levels. These include: (1) increased concerns about catching/spreading the virus which reduced the opportunity to be more active; (2) lack of accessible/affordable sporting or coaching opportunities, (3) financial worries and pressures due to Covid. These communities were more likely to suffer from higher job losses, and had less in less disposal income.


We would like to run weekly sports and recreational sessions for people aged 18 to 49 in East London aimed to encourage people to get active and manage stress and anxiety through a range of activities. Our programme will focus on those who currently do little or no physically active, and/or who have little means to access sport in the community. Sessions will include: (1)Weekly sports based activities including Cricket and Badminton sessions of between 1-2 hours per week, and; (2). Activities to help develop skills, improve mindfulness, mental health and stronger resilience to help manage stress and anxiety including; yoga/meditation, fitness, emotional wellbeing and wellness sessions.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Our group was set up in early 2021 by a team of highly experienced sports enthusiasts and qualified coaches. Since then, we have delivered over 200 sessions to 80 people across 3 boroughs in East London. We have a team of skilled coaches who are able to deliver high quality sessions to mixed ability groups including the disabled, and those who are physically inactive. From feedback collected, we know how valuable and worthwhile these sessions are to many people who see our organisation as a vital support service in the community. In addition, we have worked with several organisations including Redbridge Vision and other local community groups/centres which helps us promote our services.

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