Bulbs for Biodiversity!

Funding required£500
Delivery timeframe3 months

The Pitch

Problem statement

The continuing long-term decline of UK wildlife, in particular insects in the UK is a serious cause for concern. Abundance of insects may have fallen by 50% or more since 1970 and 76% of the UK’s butterfly species have declined in numbers over the past four decades. The causes of insect declines are linked to habitat loss, chronic exposure to pesticides, and climate change. The impact is clear, insects are vital for healthy ecosystems which wildlife and humans all rely on.


We will improve the habitat for biodiversity, in particular for insects, through the planting of wildflower bulbs and meadow flowers. We will be able to plant 1000 flowers with these funds to help improve over 30 hectares of nature reserve. By improving the habitat for wildlife we will increase the number and diversity of insects and contribute to slowing their decline. We will provide a vital habitat link to other areas of habitat in London.

Why are we best placed to deliver?

Our management of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to date has successfully increased the diversity and abundance of insect species, in particular butterflies, beetles and spiders. We have now recorded 30 of UK’s 59 species of butterfly in the Cemetery Park including the Small Blue, a priority species for conservation. Each year we continue to improve the habitat through planting bulbs and creating meadowlands to support biodiversity. As a result of work the Cemetery Park has been designated a Local Nature Reserve and a site of metropolitan importance is a site of importance for nature conservation.

Focus Areas

Delivery plan

Budget breakdown

Bulbs and wildflower plugs£500


5,000 people

Expected impact

Increased numbers of butterflies and other insects. Increased community wellbeing through interacting with nature.

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The Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

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