Poppy & The Pit Ponies

Who we are


We are a way of life, and all aspects of the project synchronise and connect. Created in October 2021 as a solution to challenges faced which included homelessness, mental health crisis, physical health diagnosis and environmental crisis. With no other option I set up life in a field totally off grid with the intent to move in with nature, not move nature out. I committed to bringing the field back into use through mindful land management, no machinery, just human effort and working with nature. I realised working in this way with the support of Ponies to conservation graze and provide other help would allow larger spaces to be developed and secured a Mutually Beneficial Agreement with neighbouring landowners to bring their neglected land into use in this manner. The first Pit Ponies arrived in July 2022, the process of working to tame and handle them was immensely therapeutic and my PTSD symptoms instantly reduced.We heal the land and people, and give ponies purpose.

Organisation type

Social Enterprise or Community Business

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