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Baby Basics UK works across the UK to establish and support Baby Basics Centres which support vulnerable families with the practical essentials for life with children, prebirth - 5yrs, through referrals from Health & Social Care professionals in the statutory and community sector. We presently have over 54 Baby Basics Centre and are the largest network of Baby Banks in the UK. During the pandemic (March 20 - Feb 21) our Baby Basics Centres across the UK have supported over 23,000 children and their families and we predict that in 2021/22 we will support over 35,000 children and families. Our aim is to not only provide some of the essentials needed but to do so in a way that preserves dignity and speaks the truth about how valued and precious these women and their children are. Baby Basics doesn’t just donate useful items to people in need, it restores dignity to women who have lost their sense of it.

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