Our Space Award 2022/23

Total fund amount:£14,952
Individual grants of up to:£2,000

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The Our Space Award (OSA) aims to help Londoners clean and green the city through active community engagement and participation, increasing a sense of community ownership over shared spaces. It supports Londoners of all ages and backgrounds, communities and schools in greening their neighbourhoods, making them inclusive places for all to enjoy. It does this by enabling more groups to access funding for projects. The activities funded by the OSA will be designed to also make a significant contribution to a number of wider social and environmental objectives, notably: • Tree planting (each project must plant at least one tree); • Climate resilience and adaptations to climate change; • Improvements to water quality and drainage through planting and reducing hard surfaces; • Ecological and biodiversity benefits; • Climate education alongside physical improvements; • Improving air quality; and • Reducing health inequalities and social isolation The OSA supports projects throughout Greater London and of all types of open spaces - in parks, on housing estates, in town centres and in school grounds. It will play its part by harnessing existing and new volunteer efforts in improving all types of open space, whilst engendering a true sense of civic pride amongst participants and encouraging a greater sense of ownership felt by communities over their shared spaces. To be eligible, your project must: - Finish by 12th February 2024 - Cost between £500 to £2,000 and take place within Greater London. - Have over 50% of your budget include items used to physically create the project (e.g tools, plants). - Have in principle landowner permission (if applicable). - Mention the project need and how you will actively engage local community/volunteers to increase the sense of ownership over the shared space. - Mention the kind of transformation your project will bring and how much space (m²) will be improved/number of trees planted. The space you hope to improve must be underused, neglected or would be significantly more usable or environmentally beneficial through improvements. - Show how the site will be maintained in the future

Required application format

Video pitches
Written pitches

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Community Group or other Informal Group
Registered charity
Social Enterprise or Community Business


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